Challenge 88

Challenge 88

Take up a sporting challenge with the lucky number 88

Supporting cancer research

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on a goal of 88.888 €

+100€ on the page "Stef Run 88KM" Thank you Stephane from Lincent! 👏

What? How?

Why Challenge 88?

8 is the number of luck: the chance to have the right treatment for your cancer.
8 is also the sign of infinity: with the Foundation's own virtuous circle, those helped become helpers and each donation has an infinite potential impact.
88 will be the common thread of the solidarity sports challenges taken up, our good luck charm to all.

Your challenges support a concrete project

The funds raised in this Challenge 88 are entirely allocated to a promising cancer research project: the development of amazing «Cloak of invisibility» capable of making targeted drugs 8 times more effective (actually 7 to 10 times but 8 fits better here 😉) than current therapies.

Choose your challenge

Serious or wacky, choose a goal that speaks to you and commit to completing it from October 15 to November 27.

As a team or solo

You take up a challenge in one go or throughout the month, alone or in a team. It's up to you and the time available.

Make some noise

The message: have fun and get sponsored to support a solidarity project. The more people we are, the more fun we will have, the more impact we will have.

In 2 minutes

A few examples of challenges

Who are we?

The Fournier-Majoie Foundation

To save cancer patients, we, Venture Philanthropists, combine entrepreneurial spirit and selfless philanthropic commitment. In concrete terms, the Foundation promotes the success of innovative cancer research projects by providing entrepreneurial skills and financial resources to researcher-finders.

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