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  • 44 km one way / 44 km return
  • 88 tours of your residential area
  • 88 minutes of pedalo boats
  • 8.8 km in a “cuistax” (or 88 km in a team)
  • 88,000 steps (on average 60 km)
  • 88 km in relay
  • 88 km in 4 week-ends (4 x 22 km)
  • 88 minutes of paddling.
  • 8 km in less than 88 minutes
  • 8.8 km walking backwards
  • 8 days on a long-distance hiking trail
  • Going to Roeselare (zip code 8800 !)

Why participate

The Fournier-Majoie Foundation

Another way to support cancer research.

To crush cancer

Cancer is a global scourge that will affect 1 in 3 people in developed countries by 2025. Despite enormous therapeutic advances, cancer still has a tragic outcome in half the cases. To change this, the Fournier-Majoie Foundation supports innovative cancer research projects by combining entrepreneurial spirit and philanthropy.

To take up a sporting challenge

It’s an opportunity for everyone to take up a sporting challenge, a personal challenge, to push back one's limits to support in joy, good humour and effort:

  • The researchers and the finders
  • A friend, colleague, relative or parent suffering from cancer
  • In memory of a deceased person.

To encourage each other

Everyone can participate in their own way, even if they are not sportsmen or women!

Your company, your friends, your family, your colleagues can sponsor you. They will encourage you in your sporting endeavours and thus contribute to supporting the work of researchers in finding new therapeutic solutions for patients.

The funds raised will support the innovative and very promising project "The cloak of invisibility" which could increase the effectiveness of targeted therapies against many cancers by up to 10 times, killing tumour cells while sparing healthy cells.

To create beautiful memories!

Join us and create your own friendly sports challenge by inviting your family, colleagues and friends to sponsor your effort.

Share a unique experience with other Venture Philanthropists who are sensitive to the cause and who support the mission of the Foundation "Empowering entrepreneurs to crush cancer".

Give yourself great memories!

Of shared effort

Of sweat, cramps, blisters

Of ears lulled by the entertainment,

Of bodies carried by the 40,000 participants

Of comfort and pride in having exceeded your limits

Of sharing and exchange at the finish line

Your challenge will remain an unforgettable moment!

Registration Challenge 88

If you want to participate alone or in a team, you first need to register and then you will be invited to create your own individual fundraising page.

Here is the registration procedure:

  1. Click on the button I register
  2. Watch out! If you wish to join an existing team, look for its name with our search engine located at the top of the screen and click on “I register with this team”.
  3. Fill in the form
  4. Create your personal fundraising page (a minimum sponsorship amount of €248 will be expected, €144 for the under 18). Add a nice picture and a personal presentation text. The more you customise your page, the more your friends will want to support your effort!
  5. Choose a password for your personal account. It will allow you to manage and edit your page later.
  6. Register other participants (colleagues, family members, friends, etc. )

You will soon receive an email confirming the completion of your registration.

You can start fundraising by sharing the link to your page.

What if I want to create a team?

To create your own team if you are not yet registered. Watch out! If you wish to join an existing team, look for its name with our search engine located at the top of the screen and click on “I register with this team”:

  1. Click on the button "I register”
  2. Proceed with the registration procedure as many times as number of people you want to have registered.
  3. Immediately after all registrations are completed, proceed by clicking on the "I create a team" button.
  4. Pick a nice picture and write a short text introducing your team.

You will soon receive an email confirming the completion of your registration and the creation of your team.

You can start inviting your friends, family and colleagues to join your team and of course, fundraising all together to support cancer research.

You are already registered and wish to create a team?

Login to your account (top right of the screen) and then, several options :

Go to the teams’ list (under the teams’ podium “all the teams”) and click on the “I create a team” button.

Go to your personal space: My pages > xxxxxxxx My teams > click on “I create a team”.

You wish to join a team?

You are not yet registered and wish to join your friends’ and family’s (existing) team? It’s as easy as looking for the team’s name in our search engine on the top of your screen and clicking on “I register with this team”. Then, fill in the registration form.

If you are already registered and wish to join an existing team, log into your account first (top right of the screen). Then, look for your team’s name with our search engine on the top of the screen and click on “I join this team”.

Participate with my company

If your company is eager to support your team by sponsoring the registration costs and/or the team’s fundraising effort, please contact us via and we shall be happy to create your team page.

We shall provide you with a secret registration link that should be shared within the company only. This link will enable every prospective runner to benefit from the advantages agreed with your company.

The supported project - The cloak of invisibility

In targeted therapy against cancer, 'missiles' (called ADCs) are aimed at cancer cells in a highly selective way to release cytotoxic agents. In this way, they kill the harmful cells, while sparing the healthy ones. The problem is that these missiles, carried by the blood, pass through the liver where they can be eliminated, reducing the strike force on the one hand and causing unwanted toxicity to this vital organ on the other.

The cloak of invisibility, developed by Mablink Bioscience, hides the missiles from the liver filter cells and allows them to continue their hunt. Initial results indicate that this technology has a 7 to 10 times better efficacy/tolerance ratio than conventional ADCs. After very positive results in the pre-clinical stage, the aim is to bring this project to the clinical stage within 18 months, for the benefit of the first patients.

The Foundation aims to raise €880,000 to support this project.

Tips for your fundraising

Each participant is asked to raise a minimum of € 248 (€ 124 for under 18y) via their fundraising page

Our 100% model

Concerned about transparency and the impact of donations, the founder has provided a separate endowment to cover all the operating and communication costs of the Foundation. In this way, your entire donations are allocated to scientific projects.

Simple and effective tips to get donations

  1. Set an example
  2. Nobody likes to be the first to give. That's why it's always best to make the first donation yourself on your page! This first donation will also serve as a reference amount for your friends and family, so don't hesitate to be generous!
  3. Explain why you are interested in this sporting challenge
  4. Prepare an email in which you explain your approach and WHY you are supporting the Fournier-Majoie Foundation. Be simple and honest. Tell your story, that's what interests your friends the most!
  5. Start with your closest contacts
  6. Those closest to you will certainly be the most sensitive to your commitment. Start by collecting the first donations and then expand to your friends, colleagues, etc. to reinforce your IMPACT.
  7. Go into social networking mode
  8. Do you want people to see your fundraising? You can always tag those who have already made a donation and thank them! Your publication is then shared in your network's newsfeed, but also in that of the person concerned. This will not only increase the visibility of your fundraising, but also show that others are supporting you!
  9. Re-launch the discussion by email
  10. You can inform your supporters about the progress of your fundraising (50% of the objective reached, 75%, etc.) and remind those who may have simply forgotten to make a donation!
  11. Don't be shy, you're doing a good thing! And if you don't ask, you won't receive !!!!
  12. Thank your supporters
  13. A thank you is so heartwarming. Whether it's during or at the end of your project, take the time to write to your generous supporters to thank them for their commitment and the impact of their donation!

Want to know more about the projects supported by the Fournier-Majoie Foundation? Consult our activity report on

Donations and tax benefits

It is also possible to support a complete team, in which case the donations will automatically be divided equally among all the pages of the members registered at the time of the donation.

To support a participant, look for the name of his page with the search tool at the top of the page and then click on "I give". If you can't find it, ask them to send you the direct link to their collection page.

Your name, first name and email address will be sent to the person/team leader according to the page you have supported.

Your first name will be listed on the page that benefited from your donation. If you wish to remain anonymous, click on "Make my donation anonymous" and your name will not be published.

Our 100% model

In order to ensure transparency and impact of donations, the founder has provided a separate endowment to cover all operating and communication costs of the Foundation. In this way, 100% of donations go directly to scientific cancer research projects.

We have chosen reliable and experienced partners (Raise&Shine and Stripe) for donations and personal data registration. Your data will be handled discreetly/confidentially and securely.

If the sum of your donations made to the Fournier-Majoie Foundation during the fiscal year (2022) is €40 or more, you will receive in the first quarter of 2023 a tax certificate issued by the King Baudouin Foundation which manages donations through the Fournier-Majoie Foundation Fund. You will be able to benefit from a tax reduction of 45% of the amount of your donation.