Challenge 2024

Have you made any good resolutions for this year? How about making them more meaningful by putting them to work for a cause that affects us all?
Be it sporting, creative, culinary, artistic or unusual, solo or in a group, create your own challenge and raise money in support of cancer research.
For example, your resolution to lead a healthier life can be translated into kilometers covered, hours of meditation or new balanced recipes made.
For each kilometer covered, for each successful recipe, for each hour of meditation, for each artistic creation, etc... Ask your friends, family or colleagues to support you by making a donation of €5/10/20 per target achieved (km covered, hour spent...).
Spread the word and get your friends and family involved in the cause that's close to your heart!

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De Bruxelles à Compostelle

De Bruxelles à Compostelle

Raised 155 €
Paul ROGER - Triathlète

Paul ROGER - Triathlète

Raised 200 €
Ça marche pour moi…

Ça marche pour moi…

Raised 2 218 €
Mathontheway2022- GR70 sur les traces de Stevenson

Mathontheway2022- GR70 sur les traces...

Raised 4 600 €
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