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20km of Brussels for the benefit of the Fournier-Majoie Foundation in support of research against cancer.

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On the run against cancer

The participants


Who are we?

The Fournier-Majoie Foundation

To save cancer patients, we, Venture Philanthropists, combine entrepreneurial spirit and selfless philanthropic commitment. In concrete terms, the Foundation promotes the success of innovative cancer research projects by providing entrepreneurial skills and financial resources to researcher-finders.

The project

The Invisibility cloak

Injected intravenously, ADCs circulate in the blood, passing through the various organs, in search of cancer cells. Toxic agents carried by ADCs could be substracted when passing through the liver, reducing the strike force against cancer cells and causing unwanted toxicity for this organ.

Mablink Bioscience’s project provides a solution with its cloak of invisibility. It masks it from the filtering cells of the liver and thus allows the ADCs to continue their hunt against cancer cells.

Gifts of 40€ or more are 45% tax deductible. We will be pleased to send you a fiscal receipt.

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