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On May 28th, I will sweat for research, for entrepreneurs, for patients who have to go through a really shitty time of their life. Support Fondation Fournier Majoie. Because discoveries in cancer count. Because researchers/ entrepreneurs might save your life one day. Because your taxes will be lower. Because.... whatever..... Please support FFM with me! Thank you!

— Diane

The Foundation, a registered charity set up by Dr Bernard Majoie in 2007, actively supports research efforts through the application of the principles of Venture Philanthropy, which combine a rigorous and professional approach with a generous spirit. A multidisciplinary team and a multidisciplinary network of experts assist project leaders.

If you dare, you will support a promising cancer research project in which amazing "cloaks of invisibility" are developed to make targeted drugs against cancer up to 10 times more effective.

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Emmanuèle  —  10 months ago

Bravo Diane! Tu es incroyable!!

40 €
Laurence  —  10 months ago
100 €
marie  —  10 months ago

Bravo….. tu es mon héroïne…….love

40 €
Mathilde  —  11 months ago

Merci mon héroïne de relever le défi au profit de la Fondation! Go Go Go..... :-)

50 €
Gérald  —  1 year ago