by Cyrille Boulay

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Heureux de participer à cette aventure. Et de pouvoir offrir un peu de mon temps pour une belle cause.

— Cyrille

The Foundation, a registered charity set up by Dr Bernard Majoie in 2007, actively supports research efforts through the application of the principles of Venture Philanthropy, which combine a rigorous and professional approach with a generous spirit. A multidisciplinary team and a multidisciplinary network of experts assist project leaders.

If you dare, you will support a promising cancer research project in which amazing "cloaks of invisibility" are developed to make targeted drugs against cancer up to 10 times more effective.

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Gregory  —  2 months ago
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Yves  —  2 months ago
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SARL ST CIRGUES  —  2 months ago
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Anonymous  —  2 months ago
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Christiane  —  2 months ago

Bonjour Cyrille, Je te souhaite une bonne course J ai fait un don au nom de jeune fille C Heusser À bientôt, C.Fournier Laroque

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Xenia  —  2 months ago

Dear Cyrille, we are indebted to your kindness and empathy for this nobble act of yours for which we wish you The Best. The World would have been a different place for Animals and Humans if the majority was re-arranging their priorities from "me" to "you" and from "us" to "them". Congratulations and Best of Success, Xenia Sfyri

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Philippe  —  2 months ago

Bravo à vous je suis très fière de participer

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Cyrille-Marie  —  2 months ago

Bravo fils courage et félicitation. Bonne course. Tes parents

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David  —  2 months ago
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Patricia  —  2 months ago